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Sciatica nerve pinch

My right lower back was in extreme pain – Sciatica nerve pinch. At 4:00 am I went to the emergency room and was issued steroids and pain medicine. This helped slightly on my pain – still could not stand or walk. I then went to a chiropractor who gave me slight relieve for a few hours. Then back to the chiropractor for x rays and more work. It helped me for a few hours and then the pain continued. I  had been told to try acupuncture – not familiar with the practice. I made an appointment with Dr Dumas and she was very thorough on the front end to  understand my issues. Dr Dumas talked through what we were going to move forward with and started treatment. The environment was calming as the treatment was applied. My first visit was a move in the right direction – I had experienced great relief. I came back for my second treatment and again walked out feeling relief and able to walk.My third visit I was completely healed with my pinched nerve –  I also felt very calm from my treatments. Dr Dumas then told me my treatment was complete and nothing further was needed. That was amazing to me! If your needing relief on an issue I HIGHLY recommend Dr Dumas. Very professional and honest. She listens and shares the treatments being applied. Thank you Dr Dumas for your kindness, caring – and relief.

Steve D.

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